Hartselle & Associates provides psychiatric medication evaluation, medication management, talk therapy, and coaching.

Specialty areas

Anxiety disorders – Including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic disorder, generalized anxiety, social anxiety (e.g., helps patients get to a point of feeling comfortable in a crowded space)

Eating disorders – Including anorexia and bulimia for medical management, after careful assessment of care requirements

Mood disorders – Including bipolar disorder, depression

Parenting difficulties and techniques – Including parent-child interaction training, e.g., non-directive play (allowing the child to lead), structure and limits

Personality disorders – Enduring maladaptive patterns of behavior, cognition, and inner experience; treatment dependent on severity; includes narcissistic, dependent, and borderline personality disorders

Sleep-related issues – Including general insomnia; sleep issues combined with medical and psychiatric complexities, e.g., combination of narcolepsy and bipolar disorder

Stress management – Including coping with perfectionism; college transition; medical school pressure; navigating professional careers

Treatment services

Psychiatric Evaluation – Hartselle & Associates provides each new patient with a comprehensive evaluation, reviewing medical, psychiatric, educational and developmental histories.  This is the key to our initial diagnosis and working proposed treatment plan. The doctors work with patients to discuss potential avenues to achieve individual goals, including therapy, holistic approaches, medication if indicated and continued medical workup when needed.  

Medication management – Drs. Hartselle, Kessimian and Ochoa provide 30 minute medication management sessions and work with your current therapist and primary care doctors with permission, to optimize your medication regimen. All patients prescribed medication at Hartselle & Associates are seen monthly, at a minimum. 

Talk therapy – Our doctors are trained in all evidence based therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, motivational interviewing, play and family therapies.  

Coaching – We also provide academic and executive coaching with goals that often time limited, providing the skills and techniques individuals need to achieve critical progress in any area.  Coaching can be provided in person or via secure video conferencing.  Clients can be located anywhere in the United States or abroad.  Coaching is not psychotherapy and does not involve medication management and is free of insurance-based limitations. 

A note on Confidentiality

Your medical record will be kept confidential. Because insurance is not billed directly, you have control over your health information.  To provide outstanding care, it is often crucial to be in contact with your other providers who can help to complete your medical history. Gathering information from selected sources may provide the most accurate assessment of your current needs. Dr. Hartselle will always obtain your permission before contacting anyone outside of the office, unless assisting you with an emergency that requires immediate action for reasons of safety.